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A revolutionary partnership in early childhood Jewish education

What Is ElevatEd?

ElevatEd is a groundbreaking collaborative initiative to transform the field of early childhood Jewish education (ECJE) through recruitment, training, mentoring, and support of over 400 new teachers in 14 pioneer communities across North America. By investing in emerging early childhood Jewish educators, ElevatEd seeks to unlock the potential of ECJE as a driver of deeper and longer-term family engagement in the broader Jewish community.

This three-year pilot initiative, from 2023-2025, is a collaborative project of Jewish Community Centers Association of North America (JCC Association), Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), and the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). Together, with other funders, practitioners, educators, and community leaders, ElevatEd is pioneering bold solutions to an urgent crisis around the recruitment and retention of our educators. Initially introduced as Project-412, this initiative is launching in five cities nationally, during the summer of 2023.


We elevate early childhood Jewish educators who nurture the infinite potential of children, their families, and the Jewish community. This investment will significantly expand the capacity and reach of this powerful educational experience to create the environment for children and families to root deeply and grow into a strong, connected, diverse Jewish ecosystem.

What is the program?

Beginning in the summer of 2023, early childhood centers of all types and denominations in each pioneer community can apply to join ElevatEd. Schools that join the program will benefit from recruitment support for up to 30 new classroom educators; a community coordinator, a mentorship program to strengthen the career path in early childhood education.

As the focus of the initiative, ElevatEd emerging educators receive:


A stipend above the regular salary to support their learning and growth as early childhood educators.

Onboarding Education:

A year of learning with nationally recognized ECJE experts through a custom curriculum designed to provide fundamentals in child development, early childhood education, and Jewish life and learning.

Mentor Support:

Eighteen months of regular mentor support to help them learn, reflect, and grow as professionals.


Funds toward coursework to receive an early childhood teaching credential.

Community of Practice:

Experience in a Community of Practice to build a network of fellow emerging educators with whom they can learn, grow, and build relationships.

Dedicated Time:

Dedicated time during the school day for ElevatEd learning and mentor meetings, made possible by stipends to their schools toward the cost of substitute teachers.

ElevatEd is Shifting Early Childhood Jewish Education
Focus on education
Focus on educators
Fragmented and local
Connected and continental
Respected and supported
ECJE as a passion
ECJE as a profession
Institutional revenue stream
Investment in the future

Individuals and stakeholders at every level in the Jewish community will benefit from this unprecedented partnership to transform ECJE and maximize the scale, influence, and reach of ECJE in North America.

Emerging educators through targeted recruitment, a year of custom learning with experts in the field, a community of practice, 18-months of mentorship, and support with credentialing.

Mentor teachers who participate in 18 months of professional learning, reflection, and growth as they develop expertise as mentors to new professionals.

Families with young children who benefit from enrolling in schools with highly qualified educators who can connect them to other families and the larger Jewish community.

Early Childhood Jewish Education centers that can focus on students’ education, knowing there is a pipeline of educators to staff their schools, training to ensure high-quality instruction, and financial support to cover classrooms while emerging educators and mentors participate in the year of learning.

Pioneer communities that, as their early childhood centers grow, can involve more families in Jewish communal life and whose early childhood professionals can reach across boundaries to build relationships with other Jewish organizations, enriching and uniting the Jewish community.

The North American Jewish Community, which will benefit from ElevatEd’s momentum and positive change as more Jewish families choose early childhood Jewish education and set off down a path toward lifelong engagement in the Jewish world.

ElevatEd Partnerships

ElevatEd is a $12 million project, the majority from its national funding partners, including The Jim Joseph Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, and the Samuels Family Foundation, as well as from local Federations, foundations, and philanthropists in each pioneer community.

ElevatEd is exploring how deep and thoughtful collaboration between national partners, national and local funders, and key stakeholders in each local community can move the Jewish community toward a powerful, shared vision. Rosov Consulting will measure the outcomes of ElevatEd to shed light on the endeavor’s impact in individual communities and overall. Through iteration and experimentation, ElevatEd plans to use this pilot phase to become a long-term model for improvement and growth of ECJE.

ElevatEd is also partnering with nationally recognized educational experts to provide the foundation for the year of learning. Teaching Beyond the Square and the K’ilu Company provide the general and Judaic studies framework for emerging educators.

Orna Siegel
Executive Director
Sasha Kopp
Senior Director of Education and Engagement
Oversight Team
JCC Association of North America
Jennifer Mamlet
Executive Vice President
Jewish Federations of North America
Sarah Eisenman
Chief Community and Jewish Life Officer
Union for Reform Judaism
Cathy Rolland
Assistant Vice President, Network Expansion Experiences
Have Questions?

Pioneer communities for Cohort 2 have been selected, but if you have questions about the project or would like to talk with us about your school or region, please contact us at hello@elevatedtogether.org and we will get back to you!

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